Import Export Consultancy and Value Add Services

MGC offer a wide range of services covering the above offering solutions to suit the varying degrees of complexity to the problem.

MGC has extensive experience in these matters and is always happy to discuss with customers any issues they require guidance on.


MGC has a programme of import and export training courses that can assist in providing your organisation with an up-to-date knowledge of contemporary supply chain issues and a broader understanding of shipping and logistics generally. These courses can make the difference in terms of managing freight and being equipped with the right understanding to navigate the global complexity of moving goods to and from the EU and around the world as well as dealing with the associated paperwork.

We offer a variety of courses from Incoterms 2020 to Customs declarations courses, as well as export and import documentation courses and explanation of changes in the EU post Brexit. We can cover customs procedures (eg IP Inward Processing and CW Customs Warehousing) and also look at preferential origin status as well as payment methods including letters of credit. We can deliver either on-site or via online sessions.

Courses can be run according to the modules we have in place or can be tailored and made bespoke to your organisation depending on your specific needs and can therefore be offered as a programme of courses or be delivered ad hoc.

For any enquiries on this matter or to gather further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on the Consultancy email address through this website (

We are currently delivering these courses on a regular basis through links with several Chambers of Commerce.

Import & Export documentation

MGC has extensive experience of handling international documentation and assisting customers
to ensure that the correct documentation is produced.

This includes advising customers and providing information so that our customers understand the implications and the importance of adhering to the specific country requirements.

The importance of creating consistency of information across documentation Invoices/Packing lists/Bills of lading/Airwaybills/CMR/EXI Forms.

The importance of understanding the International regulations which govern trade and also payment procedures and compliance with International and specific markets customs regulations.

Incoterms 2010 & 2020

Letters of Credit – UCP600 Regulations

MGC has many procedures in place and holds an extensive range of information and publications on the above subjects.

The UK developments and the relationship with EC additionally places greater focus on import/export documentation requiring many new companies to place more attention on these matters.

MGC has a long track record of providing support on both a Consultancy basis for specific projects or an ongoing requirement and also on an informal basis as part of our standard value add service for regular customers.

Import & Export Customs

It is the importers responsibility for the information to submit to HMRC but in most cases that is done by freight forwarders submitting on the importers behalf.

We can assist customers by providing

  • Understanding the role of HMRC
  • Understanding of UK Customs regulations.
  • Explanation of
    • EORI numbers, Free circulation, HMRC CDS system
    • HMRC Tariff numbers /commodity numbers, classification and CPC numbers
  • Explanation of documentation
  • Certificates of Origin, Rules of Origin and compliance, General system of Preferences
  • Commercial invoices – information required
  • Valuation methods
  • Use of guarantees and deferment accounts
  • HMRC Customs notices and Customs Special Procedures

HMRC – Procedures available to importer & exporters, CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, CW (Customs Warehouse), IP (Inward Processing), OPR (Outward Processing Relief), RGR (Returned Goods Relief), understanding the application processes and the necessary internal procedures to be implemented.

We can assist customers looking to obtain approvals for Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) and also assist with Customs Audits as necessary in terms of preparation and delivery.

Freight Management

With our background of working for import/export manufacturing companies we have a good understanding of International freight management.

We work with companies from the FTSE 100 companies to sole traders assisting to formulate
the most suitable solution for customers and also ensuring buy in from the supply base to provide a Logistics plan that meets the expectations of our customer.

Brexit Advice and Awareness

MGC will continue to support our customers in taking all the necessary steps to minimise the effects of our exit from the EU on supply chains. We can advise on use of the current Easement Arrangements and Postponed VAT Accounting as well as other methodologies for easing the flow of freight and documentation requirements cross-borders. Possibilities of mitigating double-duty payments as well as warehousing in the UK and on the Continent can be looked at strategically to build plans for our customers and their future freight flows.

Packaging advice

It’s important for all exporting companies to ensure that their product is suitably packed for international transport and we are always happy to provide advice on this subject.
We have arranged specialised packing for clients around the UK and also overseas with hazardous goods packing arranged when required.

We have long established contacts for large project packing and movement on low loaders /flat bed trailers in the UK and Europe.

Marine Insurance

MGC has its Marine Insurance policy and advises all our customers to carefully consider arranging Marine Insurance either through their own business or with MGC.

All international carriers providing Air, Sea or road services have limited liability set by International conventions which significantly limit the carriers liability in the event of loss or damage so it is important to carefully consider taking out Marine insurance.